"Bag Lady Sue's"
American Rebel Rendezvous
5/31-6/3 2018

National Adult Comic and Biker Chick


is throwing a huge party in Tennessee for a couple thousand of her friends! 

About this Tenessee rally - info links at top of page

All weekend shows and madness, includes tent camping and open trailers only $40.00!

National Biker Comedienne BAG LADY SUE and her ONLY partner STAN CHIRAS. are bringing back the Old School Biker Rally! 

This is an ADULTS ONLY RALLY on incredibly beautiful, well maintained private land in the middle of Tennessee. 

This venue has been developed with the rider's comfort and enjoyment in mind. Release your inhibitions at the entrance and remember what freedom feels like!

The areas scenic backroads are unmatched and the riding is outstanding! We have an entertainment  line up that is absolutely awesome and the people that manage it and attend it, are as real as you get! No one is out to screw ya! We want to make this a place to cut loose, let it go and have a ball!



P.S. If nudity offends you, there is always Disney World..

Where We Ride

There are literally hundreds of miles of back roads to explore, full of history, and quaint roadside attractions. From historic haunted plantation's, to waterfalls, in quiet forests, to the nightlife of Nashville and Memphis, both just 90 minutes away in either direction, there is so much to see, feel, and do here! Come early and stay late! 

I know too that bikers ALWAYS open their big ass hearts to help others. That said, a good part of the proceeds from this event will go to help two amazing charities! One helps our Veterans, and the other saves terribly abused dogs from horrible situations! (see donation link on our Charity page.)

Why We Do It

Sadly, the Old School Rally is a dying thing for a number of reasons. Many promoters have forgotten what these things are really about, and have gotten greedy. Many, thankfully not all, are out to try and get rich by having one or two events year, while cutting the amount they invest in fun shit for the people to see and do, while raising the fees to get in. Don't even get me started on how the big 3 nationals in cities are raping everyone for hotels, beers, and fines out the ass. Oh don't do this or that! Blah, Blah, Blah! Well, we want this to be a safe place to come every year, be wild, free, meet up with old friends, and make new ones.

That being said...We are asking folks to keep the cell phones down for the titty shots unless the gals don't mind.

 I believe this is part of what has started to hurt the wildness at events. Many of the free wheeling peeps have serious day jobs, and if their boobs or peckers get posted with their faces to FB, YOUTUBE or one of the other damn sites, they could lose their jobs AND THEIR WHOLE WAY OF LIFE! Think about it. Remember all, respect is the true biker code. xo Bags

(There will be mardi gras masks available for the shy ones. lol)

Great idea right? :)

That was Baggie's idea! You know I'll be wearing one hehehe! LOL

Contact Us

Reach out and touch me!!

Join us for the party!

American Rebel Rendezvous

3301 Natural Bridge Rd, Waynesboro, Tennessee 38485, United States

Stan (931) 722-5058 OR Bags (303) 888-4717


Natchez Trace Parkway - a bucket list adventure just minutes from American Rebel.